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785 Series

CH:42″; SH:20″; SW:19″; SD:19″

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•Upholstery is stain-resistant and impermeable which makes for easy clean up if you have spills. Cushions are easily removable, padded armrests are comfortable.
•Internal precision bearings have been vigorously tested for 7,000,000 cycles with 350 lbs. Custom designed bearing holder is designed to eliminate any pinch points.
•Unique horizontal foot stabilizer prevents our Glider from tipping sideways.
•Side Locking mechanism locks glider so exiting is easier. A second lock in the back of the chair over-rides the side lock for complete safety and control.
•All wood plugs have been removed to prevent any chocking hazards.
•Glider meets Cal.117 or Cal.133 requirements


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